R170 X-Ray Cabinet DR System

Industrial X-ray Cabinet System consists of X-ray cabinet and X-ray generator.

We meet you various needs for non destructive inspection , such as inspection of welding of
pipes , welding of light alloy and connectionof synthetic resin.

  • Dose rate is on the surface of X-ray cabinet is 1╬╝Sv /h or less.
  • Function of Interlock stops X-ray generation, when the door of X-ray cabinet is opened.
  • An electromagnetic lock keeps doors closed while X-ray is being generated.
  • X-ray generation is suspended by activating emergency stop switches (At inside/Outside X-ray cabinet each, total 2 places).
  • X-ray generation indicator lamp is lit up while X-ray is being generated.
  • Inter light is installed in X-ray cabinet. When to open / close door, synchronize the light power On/ Off.