Doppler UT Tranducers

Doppler Normal Beam, Dual Element, & Angle Beam Probe

Dual Element Probe

Wall thickness margin, rust-eaten, corrosion.
Near surface flaw detection.
Small parts-screws, bolts, pin.
Adhesive detection.
Shaft, rod, billet core defects.
Train wheels.
Shaft, rod, billet core defect
Near surface resolution is excellent.
Scattered noise is small.
Probes interface for national standard.
Most Europe standard probe with LEMO connector, microdot connector(sidepiece or top direction).

Normal Beam Probe

General application, metal parts with simple structure.
Plank stuff, large forgings, blank, castings detection.
Probes bottom with good abrasion resistance.
Probes interface for national standard and american standard is mostly BNC (Q9), Q6 connector (sidepiece or top direction).
Probes interface for europe standard is mostly LEMO-00(C5)、LEMO-1(C9)、microdot(L5) connector(sidepiece or top direction ).